Buffers for protein extraction

- mild lysis buffer



Phosphatase and Protease inhibitors

Pyrogallol Red Molybdate precipitation

Immunoprecipitation (english) (french)

Affinity pulldown (tandem purification via SFB tag)

WGA pulldown

laminin overlay

Preparation polyacrylamide gels 

- Bistris buffer system

- Tris-Glycin buffer system

- Tris-Acetate buffer system

Gel transfer

- wet transfer

- semi-dry transfer

Blue Native Gel electrophoresis

Variant A: Schaegger protocol

- Variant B: Wittig protocol (english) (french)

Western Blot (english) (french)

Western Blot stripping

Home-made enhanced chemoluminescence solution

Akta liquid chromatography usage

Production of soluble protein from bacteria

Purification of (HIS)6-tagged proteins

Purification of GST-tagged proteins

Self-made blue sepharose column

Production of recombinant ApoAI

Production of TEV protease

Desalting using Sepharose minicolumns (Pernefsky)

Protein determination:

- BCA assay

Coomassie staining (colloidal)

Coomassie staining (classic)