The metabolic research group in the department of biochemistry consists of teams headed by Guido Bommer, Maria Veiga-Da-Cunha and Emile Van Schaftingen. We are part of the de Duve Institute  at the Université Catholique de Louvain.
   We aim to discover novel biochemical mechanisms involved in human diseases. We are convinced that a thorough understanding of these mechanisms is a prerequisite for the development of novel therapies in cancer and beyond.
   In our work we use a wide array of methods in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and mass spectrometry. While most of our research is strongly hypothesis-driven, we are open to serendipitous discoveries that sometimes lead us far from areas of our expertise.


  • Postdoctoral Fellows
    We are always looking for outstanding postdoctoral fellows who want to join forces with us to explore biochemical mechanisms underlying human diseases.
    Graduate students
    Do you want to tackle exciting biochemical problems with state-of-the-art analytical tools ? Consider joining us for a PhD thesis.

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